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Natalia Miuska Creator of the website www.miesiaczka.com and Naya company making ecological menstrual pads. Cultural anthropologist by education, owner of probably the biggest collection of books on menstruation in Poland ? covering all aspects: from anthropological through health issues to personal experience accounts. I try to change women?s attitudes to their bodies and menstruation. As a member of the Association of Dakini Women (www.dakini.org.pl) I lead workshops for women: Return to Female Power and the Red Tent ? developed by myself, meetings with the body and its wisdom, the experience of menstruation and lunar rythm. I love dancing.

The first website about menstruation in Poland. You will find here: information about menstrual cycle, experiences and opinions of other women, menstrual customs of women from all over the world, advice on menstrual pain, ecological dimension of menstruation and lots more...
Naya eco pads
An ecological, healthy and economical alternative to disposables. Pleasant to touch, colourful and modern, Nayas are the best :-)
Why did I create this website?
When I was a teenage girl, my menstruations were very painful. Although I was happy when blood started flowing, I was taught that menstruation is a shameful subject and should be hidden.
Menstrual pain (which wouldn?t go away or lessen no matter what I did) was my guide. Thanks to it I turned to my body, I started communicating with it and this helped me understand where the pain came from. From that conversation with my body my menstruation has never been painful or accompanied by cramps again. And it was just the beginning of healing! Healing the story connected with the body and femininity.
Then the time came to turn to shame. I revealed it, drew pictures of it in and thus healed it. I recovered menstruation for myself and after that I could start exploring its meaning :-)
I wanted to share these happy discoveries (menstruation doesn?t have to be painful, it can be fun!) with other women. They reacted differently ? from protests (I don?t want to hear about it!), through resistance and embarrassement, to joy and relief that finally someone is talking about female blood.
For a few years in the Association of Dakini Women I led workshops for women in the Red Tent ? they were meetings with the body, the lunar rythm and menstruation. I longed to create a forum where I could share my experience of menstruation, which would present information on different aspects of this female experience ? from health, through ecology, to myths and stories.
So the idea for this website was born.
I invite you to read, add your own opinions and stories, ask questions on all subjects related to menstruation. We start with a few texts on the most important issues: the body, the cycle, the meaning of menstruation given to it by our civilization and other cultures. I believe that this service will grow, encompassing different perspectives and issues connected with menstruation and the beauty and wisdom of femininity.

How I became the producer of eco pads.
Seven years ago my friend living on Orcas Island sent me ecological pads made from fabric. They were healthy, soft, pleasant to touch. Using them I didn?t pollute the Earth. I was delighted with the idea and wanted to import them from the States so that other women also in Europe had access to them. However, importing pads from the States would have been really expensive and not many women would have been able to afford them so... I decided to produce eco pads in Poland. My motivation grew when I realised how much pollution is created by disposables - think of the tonnes of plastic rubbish ?produced? by women every month...
Looking for the right fabrics (ecological flannel and highly absorbent terry cloth) which would fulfil all requirements (delicate and soft but also resistant, ecological at every stage of production) took more than two years :-)
Fabrics from Lichtschatz company successfully passed all tests and production began. Pads are made in Poland on a 5-thread overlock 5 and studded with a special studding press. They are destined for 4-year use, they reach women all over Europe. I invite you to our internet shop!

I thank all women who have supported me on my path. Most of all, I thank my mum, Anija, without whom it would never have happened, Beata Koodziejczyk, with whom we led the first cycle of meetings in the Red Tent, Kalina Grka, for her help in starting the production, Jona Jung for the logo and graphics and my sisters from the Red Tent ? Maga, Karolka, Monika, Katina and Kurosia.
Thank you also Alicja and Filip for your invaluable help and creative ideas for building the website, Maga ? for photos to put on the website, and my family ? for financial support at the difficult first stage of setting up the company.


An unborn girl in the middle of pregnancy (she weighs 25dkg) ? has in her tiny ovaries 6 million ovarian follicles with eggs!

The vagina is the cleanest space in the female body, cleaner than the inside of the mouth. Its pH is from 3,8 to 4,5, like that of red wine :-)

  1. Recenzja Oskara Majdy
    7 skutecznych sposobw - recenzja Oskara Majdy"7 skutecznych sposobw na bolesne miesiczki, czyli jak przemieni bl w przyjemno " to wedug mnie obok ?Taca spirali? Starhawk najwaniejsza ksika, ktr wydano w Polsce w 2016 roku. W odwany, bezpretensjonalny sposb poruszany jest w niej temat miesiczki, oboonej w Polsce licznymi tabu, marginalizowanej, niejednokrotnie wyszydzanej. A przecie miesiczka jest wan czci ycia kadej Polki i kadego Polaka. Nasze matki, siostry, ony, partnerki, koleanki z pracy wszystkie miesiczkuj, nawet jeli wikszo z nich dokada wszelkich stara, eby ten aspekt ich ycia pozosta niezauwaalny, ukryty. Natalia Miuska, ktra od 18 lat zajmuje si badaniem cyklu menstruacyjnego i pracuje w tym kontekcie z kobietami stawia w swojej ksice kilka wakich tez. Wedug niej miesiczka nie musi by bolesnym, traumatycznym, dowiadczeniem a praca z wasnym cyklem menstruacyjnym moe pozwoli kadej kobiecie nawiza kontakt z jej wasnym ciaem, jej kobiecoci i caym zwizanym z nimi ogromnym potencjaem.
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    Recenzja Izy DziugieJej Wysoko Miesiczka Kochana Kobieto! Jeli masz przeczyta jedn ksik w tym roku albo w nastpnym, to niech bdzie ta. Ok? Zrb to z szacunku do siebie, bo na taki Ty i Twoje ciao zasugujecie!
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    Mieszkanie byo nieposprztane, naczynia nieumyte, czytaam!Pikna, wana i potrzebna ksika, ktra dla wielu kobiet moe by pierwszym albo kolejnym krokiem w kierunku wikszej akceptacji siebie, mioci do swojego ciaa, zrozumienia cyklu, szacunku dla kobiecoci.