Dealing with menstrual pain

To change the situation you need to first learn about the causes of the pain, they vary depending on a woman. You can read more about them here.

Achiving shorterm change

? Cancel as many meetings planned for today as possible. If you try, you may be surprised how many you?ll manage to postpone
? If possible, take a day off work/school.
? Lie down, relax, let yourself drift off
? A hot water bottle or herb compress will bring relief to your aching belly.
? A warm aromatherapeutic bath can work wonders. I recommend scents of cammomile, sage, jasmin, melissa, peppermint, rosemary. Follow your nose. Many women are afraid to bathe when they menstruate on account of false information that it can lead to hematomas and death in the bathtu. It isn?t true, bathing is OK as long as the water isn?t very hot.
? Dance or another activity you like (walking, yoga) help relax muscles and move your energy. I know women whose only cure for menstrual pain is dance. However, the activity shouldn?t be too energetic. Don?t push yourself. If you feel tired, lie down and rest.
? Include Omega 3 (available in capsules) and Omega 6 (evening primrose oil, borage oil capsules) fatty acids in your diet.
? Some women suffer more when using tampons ? let your blood flow freely on a soft flannel pad.

Achieving longterm change
? Change your diet ? give up highly processed food containing additives, preservatives and hormones. Cut down on sugar, avoid fizzy drinks, sweetened yoghurts, processed dairy products. Try eating warm, cooked meals. Include Omega 3 (available in capsules) and Omega 6 (evening primrose oil, borage oil capsules) fatty acids in your diet.
? Change your lifestyle ? learn about your cycle, take it into account.
Pain isn?t a natural and necessary part of menstruating. We experience pain because we lost touch with our cycle ? nobody taught us how to care about ourselves during menstruation ? and at other stages of our cycle.
The menstrual cycle influences our whole body, which means that also our efficiency and enthusiasm for work change within it. Just before and after ovulation we feel more willing to be active outside, menstruation is more a time of rest, getting in touch with our feelings and ourselves. If we ignore these needs and force our bodies to be equally efficient all the time, it will begin to hurt.
During menstruation it?s possible to do many things ? paint, dance or work ? it is just important to notice signals from the body and not force it to do anything!
What signals does our body send us? Read about what the belly says.
? Change your attitude towards menstruation. In our culture for many people menstruation is a taboo subject, many of us have negative attitudes passed on from mothers and grandmothers. When we are ashamed of menstruation and don?t understand its meaning (because nobody explained it to us, maybe just handed us a packet of sanitary pads) we may suffer more acute pain. This is why it is vital to explore this dimension of female experience. I hope that the articles on this page will help women understand and appreciate our bodies? natural rythm.





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