How to use eco pads?
What are Nayas?
Nayas - eco menstrual pads, soft, reusable and washable, 100% organic cotton.

There are 5 important reasons to try Naya pads:
1. Your health. Naya pads are completely free from chemicals which you can find in disposables. They are made from organic cotton flannel with GOTS certificate, are breathable and hypoallergenic, they allow your skin to breathe and protect it from rash and irritation.

2. Ecology. Using Naya pads you don?t pollute the Earth with used disposables and their plastic packaging. It is estimated that only in Poland women produce 2 billion pieces of disposable rubbish per year. Also, the production of disposables generates huge environmental pollution.

3. Comfort. Naya pads are soft and colourful, they feel very pleasant. At the end of your period your skin doesn?t have to be irritated or in a rash. Naya pads are organic and breathable. You will be suprised how great you?ll feel when you switch from disposables to reusable Naya pads.

4. Saving money and time. You buy Naya pads once every 4 years! You?ll spend half the money you normally do on disposables.

5. Change of attitude towards body and menstruation. Using eco pads helps women notice and honour their menstrual cycle. Periods stop being a monthly bother and start to be a great time with yourself and your body, a time for resting and finding inspiration.

What are Naya pads made from?
100% organic cotton: organic flannel and terry cloth. The fabrics we use have GOTS certificates (Global Organic Textile Standard). Our organic cotton comes from eco fair trade farms near Izmir in Turkey.

How are Nayas designed?
There are 3 sizes: small ? Mini Naya Pad, medium ? Naya Day Pad and large - Naya Night Pad. Every Day Pad = 1 holder and 2 liners. Depending on the intensity of your menstrual flow you can use one or two liners. Each pad has wings, so you can easily nap it on your underwear.

How to use Nayas?
Each Day Pad consists of one holder and two liners. Depending on the intensity of your menstrual flow you can use one or two liners. Each pad has wings, so you can easily nap it on your underwear. It?s easy!

What to do with used Nayas, how to wash them?
First remove the liners from the holder, they will wash better. Then soak all parts in cold water for 2-3 hours. You can leave them soaking longer but minimum 2-3 hours are necessary to remove the blood. Then wring them and either handwash or put in the washing machine at 60?C. It?s best not to use bleach or stain removers because they irritate the skin and pollute the environment. If you follow the washing instructions, bleach or stain removers aren?t necessary. We don?t advise using softeners either, for ecological reasons and because they limit fabric absorption.

How often should I change Naya Pads?
As often as you did with other pads, depending on time of day, menstruation phase and bleeding intensity. As with disposables, it?s not recommended to use one pad for longer tham several hours.

Are Nayas comfortable?
You bet! They are made from soft cotton, which feels very pleasant. They don?t contain any plastic so they are breathable. They don?t cause rashes or skin irritation. They are hypoallergenic because they are made from ecological cotton, without chemicals. After trying once you won?t be able to imagine using anything else!

Do they cost more than disposables?
No. They are even cheaper. Monthly, you spend about 10 zlotys, in four years it?ll be 240. A set of Nayas costs 150 zlotys. Less!

How many will I need?
From 6 to 12 during one period. It will depend on the intensity of your menstruation. Change them as soon as you need. Remember to change the whole pad, not just the liner.

Do Nayas leak?
Nayas are designed with comfort and safety in mind. Their wings protect your underwear from staining and liners are made from very absorbent terry cloth. If you menstruate heavily, you can use two liners or Naya Night Pads with a special liner.

Can I use Nayas at night?
Certainly! If so far you have used the same pads for day and night, there?s no reason to change your habits. If at night you need additional protection, try our Night Pad, which is bigger and will provide maximum comfort and safety.

Can I use Nayas after giving birth?
The first weeks after giving birth are a very special time. You need pads which are very absorbent, delicate and comfortable. Nayas are ideal for this time. They don?t cause irritation and let your skin breathe.

How to use Nayas away from home?

You can enjoy Nayas at work or when travelling. We offer you our special Naya Carrying Bag, available in our shop. Inside there are three compartments: for used, fresh pads and liners. You can put used pads from all day in the bag, which zips up and is waterproof, so it will keep all the liquids and smells inside. Don?t leave used pads in the bag for too long. Remove them as soon as possible, soak and wash.

Disposable pads may seem safer, cleaner, more hygienic. Is this true?
?Seem to be? is in this case a good description. Disposables aren?t sterylised, because they would be less absorbent. That?s why they can contain different bacteria or fungi, or, if they were bleached with chlorine, carcinogenic dioxins. Fabric pads have been used by many generations of women and it has never led to any diseases or epidemic.



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