Experiencing menstruation
How do you experience menstruation? Do you like it? Here are brave women sharing their menstrual experience.
Dominika 16 I experience an outburst of creative energy
I like it. It?s a time for myself ? a time of inspiration, when I experience a flow of creative energy. Maybe not the first two days, but later definitely :-) sometimes I can?t stay in one place ? I can do a workload of two-week?s time, and with a better result than at other times. Sometimes I prefer to sit quietly and do other things :-). Write (a lot :-)), draw, create something... :-) it differs.
Whatever happens, I always need to cuddle up to someone more frequently :-) To my mum, boyfriend, a close friend :-) the same as craving for chocolate - craving for hugs increases.
When I?m menstruating I feel closer to myself, centred, and further from what?s around me :-) a kind of distance but not completely :-)

Maga 32 Menstruation taught me trust in life
A few years ago I went to the country to participate in a weekend workshop for women. I remember that I packed lots of things (for 2 days!) to be prepared for EVERYTHING!!! I had warm clothes ? in case of cold weather, and light clothes ? in case of heat, painkillers, aspirin ? in case I caught a cold, hand cream and a dozen other ?indispensables?! While packing, I felt how exhausting for me is this prevention ?in case?... but I couldn?t stop it...
During the workshop my period started and it turned out that I hadn?t taken pads(!) because I wasn?t expecting it in the next week or two. When it happened I felt huge relief. I understood that blood came to teach me trust, to show me that I can?t get prepared for everything. Instead, I can trust life and that I will get what I need (e.g. pads from another woman who had them). I can relax and stop preparing ?in case,? I can trust.
This was a very important experience, because I felt for the first time that blood came to help me. From that time I know that it comes in difficult moments to help. Generally, my cycle is regular, but sometimes it starts a week, or even two weeks earlier. It happens when I feel stuck in a difficult place, I can?t deal with strong emotions or with what is currently happening in my life... and I feel blocked. When blood comes, I feel I can relax, accept its rythm, get in touch with my body again, give the problem to blood and ask it to take it, make it pass. Contact with my monthly blood is for me absolutely extraordinary. When it flows I can experience the cycle of life and death ? because it brings both. Since it comes every month, every month I feel in my body the rythm which is the Earth?s rythm too, and I can feel my connection with her more strongly.

Karolka 30 For me its a time of being with myself, it ?takes me away,? to a different dimension, maybe it?s ?inside? me...
I call it the time of Blood. I?m happy when it comes, Blood is with me. I?m happy that I?m a Woman and I can experience the time of Blood, the mystery it brings. I feel as if I was in a different dimension, somewhere else. It?s a very pleasant feeling. I feel gratitude that Blood comes and flows. I like its colour and smell.
What is difficult?... It?s difficult to take time for myself, to coil, to go inside, to follow the voice calling me there, to just be, rest... there?s always work, home, my child...I?d like to be able to balance that...
A lot has changed in the way I experience menstruation. I used to be irritable, sore... something must have been calling me but I couldn?t hear. Though I never felt unhappy, fed up... it has always been an incredible experience ? being a Woman and participating in a mystery. Change began when I started going to workshops, learning to listen to my body, meeting with other Women in the Red Tent... I feel deep gratitude that Blood flows every month, without problems, that I asked for a baby and I got pregnant, I feel gratitude and respect because I feel I receive a gift and it brings the change about...
For me it?s a time of being with myself, that?s how I feel, it ?takes me away,? to a different dimension, maybe it?s ?inside? me... I wish I had more time for contact with the current moment then... it definitely is a time of joy, I?m happy, I?m not ashamed, I tell others: Blood has come...

Maria Bullock 29 I teach my children respect for woman?s body. My menstruation is part of our life.
I associate menstruation with creativity, femininity, power, being fully myself. I look forward to it, I like it when I can devote this time to myself, to be with my body, with the Earth. Sometimes it?s difficult to do it. During menstruation I usually feel more open to creative activities, more flexible but also slower.
I think that in the past I was influenced by how other women were (my mum) during their period. Now ? after having worked with myself I feel deep trust in my body - blood comes without paiful cramps and my attitude is completely different.
I live on an ecological farm, I spend most of my time outside, in the garden. ON THE EARTH. My lunar cycle is connected with the cycle of the Earth, I look after Her, cultivate and feed Her, and She looks after me. I?m Her part, and She?s a part of me. She drinks my blood and I eat plants which grow from Her. We complement and sustain each other.
What would I like to tell other women? Love your body, trust it. Don?t throw your blood in the garbage!!!
I teach all this to my children. Since ecological pads are a part of my wardrobe (I take them everywhere!) my whole family (husband and two children) know when I?m menstruating ? my pads are drying in the sun or on the stove. My husband knows that it?s the time when I like to be alone and not work hard. My children also know what?s happening, they are curious, ask qestions ? I don?t hide anything from them. My menstruation is a natural part of our life. When my 4-year old daughter finds a pad while we fold washing together, she puts it in her panties and plays ? pretends - that she?s started menstruating too. She?s playing being a woman ? and learning how to be one. Just like other girls trying to walk in their mothers? high-heeled shoes... my 9-year old son is learning how to treat, to look after a woman on the moon. He knows why it happens and it is nothing strange for him!